The Hybrid Workplace – Build-In vs Buy-In

To return to work or not to return to work, that is the question. Or at least, to work from the workplace, or work from home, or some combination? People and organizations around the world are grappling with policies and procedures for the hybrid organization. On top of that, many are predicting a “turnover tsunami […]

Empathy: How it Can Help You Become a Better Change Leader

“I thought I came here today to learn more about myself, in order to help me do my job to manage change. What I really learned was empathy for other people, which will help me partner with others to lead change.” This revelation was shared by a Change Intelligence (CQ) workshop participant, and one that […]

A Change Intelligent® Tool to Energize Your Team for the New Year

After nine long months of lockdowns and restrictions, is your team lethargic and longing for a light at the end of the tunnel?  Perhaps you’ve really come together in so many ways and have pivoted successfully to adapt to our shifting reality, but still perceive an underlying current of not quite operating with optimal effectiveness? […]

How Change Intelligence® is Helping a Healthcare System Lead through the Pandemic

As Warren Buffet said, “it’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.” By proactively building an enabling foundation and common language to lead change up, down, and across the system, University Hospitals of Ohio set itself up for success in weathering the COVID-19 crisis far more effectively than many healthcare systems, emerging stronger than before. […]

Back to School – It Takes a Village

Schools around the globe instituting remote learning for at least the upcoming semester presents enormous challenges for us all. The pain may be most acutely felt by parents with young children or special learning needs. Yet organizations also need to adjust to working parents’ new reality, and fellow employees as well. Even if we don’t […]

Mentor of the Year Nomination!

Photo: Barbara with Libbi Urban and Kim Rutkowski of USW Local 9231 and the I/N Steel Company at the Empowering Women in Industry Conference 2019 Mentor of the Year by Empowering Women in Industry!  It’s humbling to be nominated next to so many other inspiring women who have done so much to inspire others. It’s also humbling […]

Your Hero’s Journey through Our Global Crisis

This is the Chinese symbol for change. It consists of two separate characters. One character stands for danger and the other one for opportunity. The dangers we are facing as a global community right now are obvious. What is not so obvious, and what may even seem disrespectful to those who are suffering, is that […]

Get Agile Now: Harness the Strengths of the Seven CQ Styles to Lead through Crisis

During crisis we need to adapt to survive and thrive, and that starts with our own leadership agility. The definition of Change Intelligence®/CQ® is the awareness of our own style of leading change, and the ability to adapt it to be optimally effective across people and situations – which is even more important than ever in […]

Fun vs Fear – Hope for the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is drawing to a close – and that I founded my company 30 years ago! THANK YOU for being on this exciting journey with me!  I’ll write more about lessons learned during this wild ride in 2020, but for now I wanted to share a special message for the holiday […]