During the stress of any change, let alone a global pandemic, your IQ goes down. Building our CQ®, or Change Intelligence®, is like putting our own oxygen mask on – we breath, get the oxygen flowing back to our brains, and remember that we have options to lead through even the most challenging of times – and the more options we have, the more power we have.
To empower you to lead through this COVID-19 crisis, and beyond, I invite you to view the recording of a CQ webinar I conducted with the Human Capital Institute on “Leading through the A.R.C.s of Change.” In it, I offer tangible tactics you can apply on-the-job today to leverage three factors that neuroscience shows get threatened during crisis, but which are levers you can positively influence as a leader-at-any-level:


  • This crisis negatively impacts our sense of Autonomy, because so much is out of our control, and unwanted changes are forced upon us. Learn how you can “equip the Hands” by facilitating processes for people to come together to co-design new ways to work in our continually evolving new reality.
  • How the COVID crisis negatively impacts our sense of Relatedness is obvious, through the need for social distancing and remote working. Learn how you can “engage the Heart” by fostering social connection and a sense of psychological safety in our new virtual workplace.
  • Perhaps most threatening is how this crisis negatively impacts our sense of Certainty, because it’s short-term spread and long-term impacts are fundamentally unknowable and unpredictable. Learn how to “enlighten the Head” by reframing conversations from fear-based to future-focused and re-tuning into core mission and values.

The good news is that there are ways that we can lead through this crisis that can increase our sense of Autonomy, Relatedness, and Certainty.  When we lead in this way, fear/threat reactions are reduced, so we can begin to focus less on the danger, and more on the opportunity that may be possible. During the hour-long webinar, I share specific strategies to help yourself and others separate autonomic, unconscious, knee-jerk reactions from more adaptive responses – which will help us all progress up the second A.R.C. of change:

  • We’ll start with ourselves – and explore how each of us can cope with the stress of this crisis and develop even more personal Resilience.
  • We’ll discover how to support our teams – to transition from isolation to engagement, pessimism to positivity, and angst to Agility.
  • And then finally we’ll broaden the dialogue to explore how to set-up our organizations – to inspire a growth versus fixed collective mindset, position this crisis as an opportunity to build change skills for now and the future, and to accelerate transformation towards an even more change-Capable culture.

Bottom line – please join me for a replay of this learning experience, to build Agility, Resilienceand Capability to lead through this crisis, and beyond.