Change Intelligence®

Leading Change with Heart, Head, and Hands

Empower yourself and your organization to lead successful change

Change is about more than processes or spreadsheets and tools. The real key to transformational change that sticks is…people.

At Change Catalysts, we show people how to unleash their Change Intelligence®. We start by exploring people’s change leadership style. How each person best contributes to change.

Change Intelligence® puts people first, knowing that the most successful outcomes are achieved by energized, engaged, and committed people.

Lead change with Heart, Head, and Hands

Change Intelligence® (CQ®) helps people discover their change leadership style which is what they bring to change and how they make a difference.

With CQ® you learn how Heart, Head, and Hands help people to “want it, get it, and do it” when it comes to transformational change.

By unlocking the Change Intelligence® in people, you bring out the best they have to offer in any change initiative.

Are you ready to unlock your Change Intelligence® and create lasting, high impact change?

From the CQ® Assessment to eLearning courses, in-person or virtual workshops, and certification opportunities, Change Intelligence® will improve your change leadership, enhance collaboration, and maximize the impact of change initiatives.

Start your Change Intelligence® journey today and download two free chapters of our best-selling book Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change That Sticks