Head, Heart, or Hands—which do you tend to lead with? Each change leader has a basic tendency to lead with one of these, or some combination of the three. You probably have some sense of which is dominant in you. Is it:

And you’ve probably thought about what’s missing from your change leadership style, too. One way to find out is to observe your people.

Of course, none of us leads only, all the time, in every instance with the Head or Heart or Hands. We are each a blend of all three. It is this unique combination that represents our change leader style. Each of the following seven styles of leadership indicate a different mix of Head, Heart, and Hands:

If you’re uncertain about which style is yours, you can access a self-assessment tool free when you buy a copy of my book, Change Intelligence. This assessment will help you narrow down these seven leadership styles to find the ones that fit you best.

Studying the different change leader styles will provide you with targeted developmental strategies, which are immediately accessible, personally applicable, and professionally actionable, to hone your CQ to catalyze powerful change in your career, team, and organization.