Happy Birthday CQ!

Change Intelligence was published 5 years ago this month!  It’s been thrilling to witness the bottom-line impact CQ has made for people, teams, and organizations that are committed to building change leadership capacity, ranging from helping healthcare systems navigate all the massive changes in their industry, to  catalyzing a culture of collaboration across steel companies, to empowering leaders-all-levels to manage change with greater competence and confidence, and less stress and frustration, and more.  The CQ Community has grown exponentially, and we now have CQ Certified Change Agents in 15 countries and counting.  The CQ Assessment database continues to expand, resulting in research-based, actionable insights into leading change around the globe, across hierarchical levels and functional groups, and by gender and generation.
To celebrate, I have a gift for you –
a FREE CQ Assessment!
The assessment is a foundational component of the CQ System to Develop Change Intelligence, derived from my 25+ years of coaching change leaders and facilitating change initiatives.  The assessment is the only tool on the market to learn about one’s style of leading change, along with its strengths and potential blind spots.  The 12-page customized report includes targeted developmental strategies that you can apply on the job today to take your ability to influence and get results to the next level.  It’s simple and brief, administered online and takes only about 15 minutes to complete.  To receive your invitation, just email me at btrautleinadministrator@changecatalysts.com.  Act fast – this special offer is only good during CQ’s birthday month, until the end of May!  (Have you already completed the assessment? Pay-it-forward and gift an assessment to a colleague, which is a powerful way to extend and enhance your partnership in leading change!)

In the words of leaders who have leveraged the CQ Assessment to build change leadership capability in their organizations:

  • Healthcare System CEO – The CQ Assessment is a way to understand and deploy individual strengths to support the entire organization, bolster communications and provide valuable information so everyone is working toward the same critical objectives…The CQ Assessment looks at the complete executive team and what you have in your toolbox. It gives me insight into my team’s ability to lead change and what we need in the future…[It] is short and not onerous. It doesn’t sap our resources and it is engaging, worthwhile and useful.” 
  • Director of Engineering in a Manufacturing Plant – “The CQ Assessment gives you an awareness of the people you’re working with and how different players are thinking about changes. You might view other people as not being on the same page. In reality, we all want the same thing but we’re not talking about it in the same way. In the past, if my message wasn’t received in a positive way, I would be scratching my head over why it went so poorly. I ended up doing damage control. When you go through the CQ process, you get an awareness of the people you’re working with and where their reference point is. You understand how different players are thinking about change…You have the greatest success when you look at all the components.” 
  • Talent Management Co-Leaders of High Potential Leadership Programs in a Retail Organization – “The CQ process is a straightforward assessment that provides feedback on change management capabilities. It fills a gap in the assessment space. The CQ Assessment is direct and to the point. It doesn’t ask you the same questions in a hundred different ways.”  “It helps individuals deal with change and manage people through change. It encourages change leaders to say, ‘I did this in the past; maybe I would do it differently in the future.’ The CQ process is appropriate for any business or company going through change.”

Here are some other FREE resources for you, to build your Change Intelligence:

  • Two free chapters of the book Change Intelligence (Please note that each copy of the book contains a one-time-use code to complete the CQ Assessment!)
  • Client case studies describing how CQ has been used in ways ranging from facilitating transformational initiatives to developing change leadership capacity to building change teams, and the results achieved
  • Video explaining Change Intelligence and how you can diagnose and develop your own CQ right away
  • Join me at the Change and Innovation Online Summit, which starts May 21.  You’ll learn about CQ from me, as well as strategies and tools to engage for change and spark innovation from 25+ thought leaders I respect and admire from around the world!

If you’ve already taken the assessment or read the book, if you’ve attended one of my keynotes or workshops, or if we’ve worked together to build your CQ or to guide change in your organization, I’d love to hear from you as a “birthday gift to me”!  Please do share how CQ has impacted your team or career.  It’s been an amazing 5 years, and it’s been an honor to see the message get shared around the world and to witness the impact Change Intelligence is making!  Thanks for traveling with me on the journey!